Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Law Firm in Sea Girt, NJ

Considering the high-value stakes, the benefits of hiring a real estate law firm is simple – they make life easier. A real estate law firm has the proper education and experience in the legal aspects of real estate transactions. Regardless of being hired at the beginning or middle of a transaction, a real estate law firm can advise and guide the process until a successful conclusion.

In fact, since New Jersey is a state requiring attorneys in real estate transactions, you might as well think of their work as beneficial for peace of mind. 

What does a real estate law firm do?

Real estate lawyers are divided into two practice areas, commercial and residential real estate. Commercial real estate attorneys help businesses:

  • Sell property
  • Lease property
  • Acquire property
  • Develop property
  • Manage property

In contrast, residential real estate attorneys prepare the legal paperwork necessary for buying or selling a home. In both practice areas, a real estate law firm can also litigate any legal issues that may arise in the process of a transaction. 

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork

Often, an attorney can assist in the difficult areas of selling or buying a home by organizing and structuring the existing paperwork.  For most people, the daunting portion of legal documents are the terms and conditions contained in anything related to the home, including the deed to the property and its various transfers of ownership.

A proper review of this paperwork ensures that the real estate transaction can proceed without any unexpected delays after the point of sale.  In the absence of any essential documents, a real estate law firm can usually create, modify, or file the paperwork to remedy the situation.

Commercial real estate transaction

More money, more problems is basically the motto of commercial real estate transactions. Commercial real estate transactions are very complicated and very risky, simply because the amount of land being dealt with is drastically increased. For example, commercial real estate encounters bigger problems than the transfer of property, such as:

  • Zoning considerations
  • Existing liens on parts of the property
  • Environmental concerns and hazards
  • Individual rents

The list can on and on, depending on where the land is located and the size.  A real estate law firm will have the necessary institutional knowledge to handle these various issues. A major benefit is that a real estate law firm will know to check for these issues to avoid letting them cause serious problems to the process later on.


Hiring an attorney will usually be a necessity when legal issues arise during the process of transferring property. While some issues can be handled through negotiation between the parties, important issues will be better handled by a lawyer for the safety of the process. For example, proceed with caution and consult with a lawyer to make sure your rights are being protected if the information is misrepresented in any official documents.

Ultimately, the services of a real estate law firm are usually necessary when buying, selling, and transferring properties. Since real estate lawyers do not work on commission, it is usually in their best interests to make sure the process goes smoothly and maintains a good relationship between the client and their firm. 

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NOTE: This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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