Working with a DUI attorney is a wise course of action after being arrested for driving under the influence. A DUI is a crime that one needs to take seriously. It is necessary to prepare a strong legal defense to fight these charges, to reduce the likelihood of being convicted, spending time in jail or paying a major fine.  While there is no way to predict what the outcome of a trial will be, those who hire an experienced attorney are at an advantage over those who do not. Many people want to know what they should do when pulled over and arrested for drunk driving. Understanding how to behave … Continued
When getting a divorce, it is wise to hire an attorney who is familiar with family law, even when you and your spouse are working on the divorce in an agreeable or amicable fashion. It is becoming more common for couples to try and handle the divorce on their own. For those who get along and are able to agree on terms like how to divide assets, pay for debts and schedule a custody plan, it can be possible to do so. However, even for these couples, it is wise to hire an attorney to complete the paperwork and to handle the process. How an attorney can help A family … Continued
When people come in to see a wills attorney, typically they know exactly what they want. What I find, very often, is that both the person making the will and their families often have very little understanding of what a will really accomplishes and all of the terminology associated with a will. Fortunately, I have the skills and knowledge for this process. Avoid the confusion Any misunderstandings can create a level of confusion, especially when there are older folks who want to make sure that all of their life's work and collections go to the people they love. Essentially, this is actually the most important thing that someone can understand … Continued
Child custody law, like most law, is extremely complicated and difficult for a layperson to comprehend. As such, it is always recommended that a parent hires a child custody attorney to represent them when there is a custody dispute. Custody disputes can arise through any number of circumstances, and there is no specific time frame for when one or the other party may decide that they need to change the custody. Typically, we can resolve most child custody issues during the divorce and this leaves the parents with a custody order to follow. Unfortunately, circumstances arise that lead to parents wanting or needing changes. At a time like this, it … Continued
One’s family is an important part of one’s life and as the owner of an estate law firm, I see that every day. Many of the clients that come to me do so because they are worried about their family’s future. Working hard and making a living is something that most parents do willingly and with their children in mind. However, there is always the chance for trouble on the road of life. Prepare for the worst Over time, it is possible for families to develop a level of security and stability that provides comfort and an enjoyable lifestyle. This is a moment of pride for people and one that should be recognized. … Continued
As a real estate law firm, I often get questions from clients who are interested in learning how the firm can assist with their challenges. Real estate is such a steady asset that most people do not think about problems that can arise with the acquisition, ownership or sale of real estate. When a problem does present itself, few people know where to turn. If you are having any challenges with a property that you own or trying to acquire, I recommend calling my office for a solution. Some of the common reasons people use the services of a real estate law firm include: #1. Title issues Sometimes, homes or commercial … Continued
As a DUI law firm, I am intimately aware that there are any number of myths about driving under the influence. In fact, the best advice I can give people is to avoid listening to myths altogether and make it a habit not to drink and drive. Nonetheless, plenty of people continues to drink and drive, leading to the need to hire services similar to what I offer at my DUI law firm.  I can help avoid the pain that comes from being arrested, charged and convicted of driving under the influence. If a person has been pulled over, arrested and charged with DUI, the best thing they can do is get … Continued
Did you know that one divorce attorney can have an entirely different approach from another? Most people are unaware that attorneys have different tactics and approaches when it comes to practicing law. It does not mean that the law itself is different, but that the way an attorney handles cases is. Taking different approaches to cases is perfectly acceptable and benefits clients. A different approach allows people to identify an attorney that is in sync and aligned with what they are interested in accomplishing. Since a divorce is highly personal, it is very important to hire an attorney that is aligned with the vision you have for the process and end result. Some lawyers do … Continued
When it comes to the law, there is nothing quite as emotionally draining as child custody law on parents. The law directly affects the amount of time that a parent is going to be spending with their child. In a normal non-divorce situation, parents spend most of the child's growing years with them. Often, parents have similar expectations that parents have after a divorce is imminent. Unfortunately, each parent has a right to time spent with the child and it is up to the Family Law Court in a child custody case to determine how much time the child spends with each parent. As one can imagine, these issues quickly become contentious … Continued
Ex-spouses, children, custody and money make for a flammable mixture that calls for the support of a child support law firm when you are dealing with a situation that involves all of these elements.  It is a well-known fact within the family law that child custody cases are often the most contentious. In addition to child custody cases, cases involving divorce can quickly turn ugly if the parties are fighting over money. Combustible elements Child custody and finances are the two critical elements in child support. Therefore, it becomes apparent why everybody needs to have a law firm representing them in these kinds of cases. The parties themselves are typically too … Continued