According to the Sea Girt News website, in 1835 Commodore Robert F. Stockton (grandson of Declaration of Independence signer Richard Stockton) bought a large tract of land in what is today the Borough of Sea Girt. The summer mansion he built reportedly had a sweeping lawn that led to the sea and was flanked by two rather ornate bathhouses. Even in an era in which a dollar bought a sumptuous restaurant meal, construction of such a dwelling must have made a significant dent in the Commodore's bank balance. Were he to magically return to Sea Girt today, however, the Commodore would undoubtedly be astounded by what has happened to real … Continued
Although New Jersey’s “no-fault” divorce law makes the process of ending a marriage less contentious for many couples, difficult issues often remain regarding the welfare of children of that marriage. Of course, child custody issues can also arise between unmarried parents. Here are a few of the more frequent and basic questions we hear regarding New Jersey’s laws and procedures concerning child custody. How is custody decided? Except in rare cases, a child is presumed to benefit from interaction with both parents, and New Jersey law requires that the rights of both parents be considered. Ideally, the parents will work out an arrangement on their own for sharing custody. So … Continued
Before the advent of “no fault" divorce laws in New Jersey and elsewhere, it was necessary in even an amicable divorce for one spouse to provide evidence – frequently exaggerated or downright false – in support of grounds such as adultery or mental cruelty. Today legal termination of the marriage is rarely the cause of significant disagreement. Indeed, in many cases, it is almost an afterthought. On the other hand, even couples who are involved in an otherwise amicable divorce may discover that the “big three” issues – division of marital property, custody of the children of the marriage and financial responsibility for those children – are often as contentious … Continued
Estate planning attorneys say most people do, but not just because it helps their practices. Advantages of a Will With a properly prepared and executed will, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that upon your death whatever real and personal property you own will be (or in some cases, will not be) passed on to whomever you designate. This is important if, for example, you want a piece of art or jewelry to go to a particular heir or wish to leave money to a charity or to non-relatives. Contrary to a common belief, if you die intestate your estate will not automatically go to … Continued
If you are in or near Sea Girt and are seeking the services of an experienced estate law firm for help with settling a deceased family member's estate or with planning for your own future, we urge you to give us a call. Here are the answers to some of the general questions we are asked about wills, estates and estate planning. What are the responsibilities of an executor under a New Jersey decedent's will? An executor's first job is to gather the decedent's assets and pay the claims of the decedent's creditors and all taxes (including the tax on the decedent's income in the year of death). After that, … Continued
The outcome of a divorce can affect your life for many years to come, and you should be as careful in selecting a divorce lawyer as you would be in finding any other professional. Yet most individuals have little idea of how to go about finding the right divorce lawyer.  Having the right divorce lawyer on your side will improve your chances of a good outcome. Whether you are simply exploring your options, are ready to file or have been served with a divorce complaint, here are just a few common-sense things to help you in finding the right divorce lawyer. Finding The Right Divorce lawyer Decide What Issues Are … Continued
Have you been charged with a motor vehicle code violation or a relatively minor crime in New Jersey? We are an outstanding municipal court law firm in Monmouth County. Our in-depth experience and aggressive representation have enabled us to achieve favorable results in a wide variety of municipal court cases. The New Jersey Municipal Court System Despite its relatively small land area, there are more than 300 municipalities in New Jersey. Cities and larger towns generally have a dedicated municipal court that smaller locales may share a court with one or more neighboring towns. Three types of cases that are heard most frequently in municipal court include: Motor vehicle violations, … Continued
If you have been charged with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, give us a call. Our knowledge, experience and aggressive representation enable us to achieve favorable results in many cases. Location changes everything In New Jersey, a conviction on a charge of driving under the influence, DUI, (also known as driving while intoxicated, or “DWI”) carries serious consequences that can negatively impact one's freedom, finances and future. Even a first-time conviction carries penalties of a fine between $250 to $400, license suspension for up to three months and possible incarceration for up to 30 days. In addition, any person convicted in New Jersey of … Continued
When your child's safety and welfare are at stake, you need a child custody lawyer who can work to protect your legal rights and those of your child. Since custody determinations can impact a child's daily existence, it is important that to determine them with the best interest of the child in mind. In situations where a child may be in an unsafe environment or exposed to dangerous things, this becomes even more important. While it is possible to represent yourself, it is unwise to do so in this situation since the outcome is critically important. How a child custody lawyer can help A lawyer understands the process of filing … Continued
Hiring a Domestic Violence Attorney is wise if you are under accusations of domestic violence. There are numerous reasons why one may face accusations of domestic violence. Many people are unaware that it is possible to be accused and arrested for this crime even if no one was physically harmed. If there are threats of domestic violence and someone was fearful for their life, the officers may still respond and place someone under arrest. In other situations, the accused did not intend to harm someone but caused harm anyway through their actions.  Even those who did not cause someone intentional harm deserves a strong defense. As an attorney, this is … Continued