If in the situation where a stockbroker or their firm has engaged in misconduct, a securities arbitration lawyer can help navigate the process of recovering financial losses. Even though arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution process less contentious than litigation, a securities arbitration lawyer can be helpful. A securities arbitration lawyer can help since arbitration proceeds similarly to a trial with regard to the presentation of the evidence and crafting persuasive arguments to the panel. This panel, usually composed of three individuals, will likely include a member from the securities industry, with the remaining two selected from professional industries such as law or accounting. After the arbitrators review the evidence … Continued
Considering the high-value stakes, the benefits of hiring a real estate law firm is simple – they make life easier. A real estate law firm has the proper education and experience in the legal aspects of real estate transactions. Regardless of being hired at the beginning or middle of a transaction, a real estate law firm can advise and guide the process until a successful conclusion. In fact, since New Jersey is a state requiring attorneys in real estate transactions, you might as well think of their work as beneficial for peace of mind.  What does a real estate law firm do? Real estate lawyers are divided into two practice areas, … Continued
Though a divorce attorney is not necessary in New Jersey, having somebody there who is familiar with the law and the accompanying paperwork, a person who can remain emotionally detached during negotiations, and a lawyer who can propose solutions previously unconsidered is undeniably important. Make no mistake, though a divorce attorney is not required – it definitely makes divorce a lot easier. Division and separation of property and assets One of the most complex components of the divorce process is the division and separation of assets. The possible assets that may be divided are the primary family home, bank accounts, stock options, financial investments, retirement accounts and other compensation packages, … Continued
Even though a will attorney is not legally required for the creation of a valid will, a lawyer can help assuage some of the fears running throughout the process and can be very helpful in most situations. A valid will In New Jersey, the requirements for execution of a valid will includes three components: The will must be in writing (preferably not handwritten) The will must be signed by the person (testator) making the will The will must be witnessed by at least two adults Reasons to consult with a will attorney To explore the available options to pass assets to the next generation A will attorney can assist with … Continued
Consultation with a will lawyer is important because wills not only provide post-mortem directions for asset distribution but also instruct how to manage the remaining estate. In particular, people with larger families or more money should prepare wills to protect spouses, children, and their money. Depending on one’s goals, creation of a specific type of will better instructs remaining loved ones on how the recently deceased person would like things handled after their death. Last Will and Testament  A Last Will and Testament is the most common will in New Jersey, with standard direction to loved ones after one’s passing and direction on how to divide assets among family and … Continued
Many individuals surprisingly do not have an estate plan and have never consulted with an estate planning attorney.  In fact, many do not have a will, with even fewer having an estate plan.  This is partially due to the stereotype that estate plans are only for people with a high net worth or large amount of assets.  This is simply not true.  Estate planning attorneys should be consulted by every individual that have any assets, children, or family members. Beneficial to everyone involved Without some estate planning, family members have to handle the distribution of a loved one's assets, payment of taxes and funeral arrangements on their own. These tasks only make … Continued
The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), states that in the United States one in three women and one in four men are victims of domestic violence.  It is one of the least discussed legal issues even though it can become a fatal situation.  New Jersey domestic violence lawyers can be the beacon of hope many victims need.  However, domestic violence victims often don't realize that there are lawyers in New Jersey that specifically serve them.  There are many support groups and hotlines that are available to victims, however, these are sometimes only band-aids that don't address the bigger threat.  Domestic violence lawyers are the greatest source of support for … Continued
Most individuals will be spared the unfortunate event of having to appear in court for violations of the law.  However, if you are to ever appear in court, chances are you will have to appear in municipal court, sometimes known as "the people's court" in New Jersey.  Municipal court judges hear cases ranging from traffic violations to misdemeanor criminal charges. While it is not uncommon for those individuals that must appear in municipal court to believe they can go it alone, this is a big misunderstanding of the municipal court process.  One of the major roadblocks to hiring legal representation in municipal court is the cost of representation. In this … Continued
In the United States today, more and more forms of alternative settlement procedures have become popular.  This is not only seen in the New Jersey legal field, but also in the financial field.  When a brokerage firm enters into an agreement with a client to handle their investments, the contract often includes an arbitration clause.  This is results in clients, usually unknowingly, waiving their right to sue their investment broker if the investment is mismanaged.  While arbitration is still an avenue to recover lost funds, participating in arbitration without a skilled securities arbitration lawyer could result in financial ruin.  This article outlines the importance of legal representation in securities arbitration … Continued
Before hiring a divorce attorney, it is important to ask questions to better understand the process. Going over other important factors such as the amount of time it will take, the costs involved, and what happens in the event that the proceeding does not go according to plan can also help the process. Questions to ask your divorce attorney How long will it take? Though divorce proceedings obviously vary, the typical divorce proceeding will last between 4 and 18 months. Throughout this time, court appearances usually number in the range between 5 and 10. In addition to these official court appearances, a couple of case management conferences are also likely. … Continued