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Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. is a business attorney office that works with businesses, partners and investors throughout the Sea Girt, NJ area. Working with a business attorney can help your business to avoid conflict and litigation along while providing representation in the event that you do enter a conflict. As a local business attorney, Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. recommends that every business have an attorney on hand to review contracts and agreements before they are signed in order to prevent issues down the road. This is one of the many ways that we help businesses throughout the 08750 area. To schedule a consultation, call 732-449-0449.

Establishing a Business

In New Jersey, it is important that your business is established in a way that meets your needs both now and in the future. Each type of business structure has specific protections for owners and direct tax consequences. Many individuals are unaware of the differences and accidentally set up their business in a way that isn’t practical for how they intend to operate. Meeting with Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. prior to establishing your business can help to prevent issues and unintended tax consequences. The first step is to discuss what goals you have for your business, who will be involved, and what your plans are for the future. For example, if you are planning on establishing a business for your family to operate and keep it that way, you need it structured one way. If, however, you are planning on growing and taking on investors or partners in the future, specific provisions need to be included that will protect your interest when that happens. Otherwise, you could be entering conflict before ever knowing it.

Once your business is established, Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. can serve as your registered agent in order to accept service on your behalf. This way if the State needs to communicate with you, the documents can be sent to our office instead of your place of business. By doing so you will be sure not to miss anything, and we can keep a file on your business that includes all of your documents for future reference.

Contract Creation and Review

As a business attorney, Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. can help you to avoid conflict by creating and reviewing contracts before you ever sign them. The provisions that are placed into contracts will either hurt you or benefit you. For example, a contract can dictate your rights and responsibilities and that of the other party along with what happens if one of you violates the terms. When creating contracts, we can put provisions in it that require conflicts to be resolved through arbitration instead of going to trial or vice versa based on your needs. Some common agreements that we create for business in New Jersey are a non-compete agreement, offers of employment and non-disclosure agreements. While typically viewed as human resource documents, it is common for conflicts to arise with employees at some point and these agreements can protect your interest and prevent liability.

At Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C., we can also create contracts that you can sign with your customers. This may include standard templates for services rendered or specific buy/sale agreements. While many people in Sea Girt prefer to conduct business by a handshake, this can get you into trouble later on. A contract eliminates the possibility of confusion should the relationship sour.

Real Estate

Businesses throughout 08750 look to Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. for assistance with real estate transactions. Most businesses need a location to operate in and either lease or purchase a building in order to do so. For the majority of businesses, their monthly lease payment is their highest fixed expense on a monthly basis. This makes it important to enter into a lease agreement carefully. While a location is necessary for operations, securing the wrong one, or with unfavorable terms can hurt a business financially and operationally. Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. can review a lease agreement or purchase and sale to identify any provisions that may create issues down the road. Sometimes it is simply a matter of getting clarification and making sure that there are no provisions within the contract that are left open for interpretation. We also try and place provisions inside of contracts so that our clients can get out of a lease, if necessary. This has saved businesses throughout Sea Girt thousands of dollars when they decide that a space is no longer meeting their needs and want to relocate.


Most businesses will find themselves in some sort of conflict at one time or another. As a business attorney, we try to prevent this whenever possible but at times it is simply unavoidable. When this is the case, Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. can help to settle the conflict outside of court for a fast resolve. If this is not an option, litigation is probably necessary in order to reach a resolution. Some lawyers do not litigate, but at Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. we are a full-service law firm and provide legal services both in and out of the courtroom.

If your business is being sued, it is important to call 732-449-0449 right away and schedule a consultation. In New Jersey, there are specific guidelines for how quickly you need to respond and how you must do so. Failure to prepare or show up in court can lead to lasting consequences. Fortunately, Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. is an expert business attorney and can provide dependable legal representation in court. Likewise, if you need to file a lawsuit in order to protect your rights, we can help with that as well. The key is working with a lawyer that is experienced at handling all areas of business law and can provide you with sound advice so that you can make an educated decision as to how to proceed.


At Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C., we meet with a lot of businesses that have questions about specific transactions or need help with negotiations. Regardless, of what your question is, we help businesses throughout Sea Girt, NJ to prepare for the best possible outcome and can provide sound advice after reviewing your specific situation. To learn how Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. can help your business, call 732-449-0449.

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