How a Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help You

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), states that in the United States one in three women and one in four men are victims of domestic violence.  It is one of the least discussed legal issues even though it can become a fatal situation.  New Jersey domestic violence lawyers can be the beacon of hope many victims need.  However, domestic violence victims often don't realize that there are lawyers in New Jersey that specifically serve them. 

There are many support groups and hotlines that are available to victims, however, these are sometimes only band-aids that don't address the bigger threat.  Domestic violence lawyers are the greatest source of support for domestic violence victims.  They are able to use the laws of New Jersey to protect their clients and ensure the violence stops.  This article will outline the benefits and support that domestic violence lawyers can provide to victims.

Domestic violence lawyers know the laws in New Jersey

Domestic violence lawyers are the only people involved in the case that can advise the client and file protective documents on the client's behalf.  They also know the legal definition of abuse and how to expertly collect and preserve evidence for the case. 

A domestic violence lawyer understands the court procedures that are required to keep their client safe, knowledge of the legal system in New Jersey, procedures in the court and what charges could be brought against the abuser.

Additional support

A domestic violence lawyer is an expert in domestic violence, as a result, the lawyer will know support groups, group homes, hotlines and additional support the client can benefit from. For many domestic violence victims, leaving their abuser can be very hard.  Enlisting the help of a domestic violence lawyer is essential to ending the domestic violence relationship. However, a victim will need other support besides their lawyer in order to heal. 

A domestic violence lawyer will be able to guide to therapists that specialize in domestic violence, a safe house to escape to if the victim does not have a place to stay and resources for securing a job or housing.  For victims, this can feel like starting over, and starting over is not something that many can do on their own.

Restraining orders

One of the most valuable tools a domestic violence lawyer can provide to a client is a restraining order against the abuser.  There are two kinds of restraining orders, the first one is a temporary restraining order and the second is a final restraining order.  Restraining orders are documents filled out by a domestic violence lawyer with the client's help and specifics of the abuse. The restraining order protects the victim from the abuser and will indicate places and distances the abuser must avoid.

The temporary restraining order can be filed in an emergency sense and is typically filed by a police department or a shelter where the victim is staying.  Once a temporary restraining order is ordered, the abuser is served and given a court date to appear, usually within 10 days.  The temporary restraining order is valid until the hearing.

The final restraining order can be ordered at the hearing after the 10-day waiting period.  A domestic violence attorney will present evidence indicating why a final restraining order is necessary.  New Jersey does not limit the amount of time a final restraining order is valid and could protect the victim for years.

File for divorce

Lastly, if you and your abuser were married, your domestic violence lawyer can help sever the marital ties so that you can be free from the abuser.  Your domestic violence lawyer is an expert in family law and can help file the initial paperwork, along with a restraining order, pursue custody of children if you have them, and settle the distribution of assets and debts.

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Breaking free from your abuser can be scary, stressful, and uncertain. Having an advocate like a domestic violence lawyer on your side can help you navigate the legal system, obtain a support system, protect yourself and your child, and sever a volatile relationship.

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NOTE: This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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