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As a Sea Girt real estate attorney, Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. is experienced at handling all aspects of real estate law including assisting in negotiations, preparing documents, closing transactions, mediation, and litigation. If you or your property is located in New Jersey call (732) 449-0449 to schedule an appointment and receive legal advice that is specific to your situation.


Buying and Selling Real Estate

If you are looking to buy or sell a property in the 08750 area or throughout NJ, working with a real estate attorney is a good idea. Your real estate broker may know a lot about market conditions, cap rates, and leasing strategies, but they are not experts in the law. Typically people use a standard purchase and sale agreement that is provided by the broker but it often contains provisions that can hurt you. A lawyer can help to protect your rights from the very beginning by reviewing your purchase and sale and making changes to it or creating one from scratch. This should be done before you submit an offer or agree to sell. Sometimes, it is the smallest changes that can protect you through closing or give you an exit clause when you need it.

If you are looking to close a transaction with more than one group, multiple partners, or in several phases, working with a real estate attorney is a must. These types of transactions require a purchase and sale agreement with multiple phases and exit clauses in order to protect your interest. Rather than having a broker fill out a template agreement, you should have one created for your specific and unique needs. For assistance call Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. at (732) 449-0449.


Once you have reached an agreement on the purchase and sale, the Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. can provide closing services. Instead of going through an escrow agent, you can work directly with a real estate attorney. There are several benefits for doing so. As a lawyers’ office, we can hold funds in our escrow account, prepare closing documents like the settlement statement, and distribute funds after closing. We can also handle all of the title issues. This can be particularly important when the property has a cloudy title, as most title and escrow companies seek the advice of a lawyer for this anyway.

Additionally, if the transaction involves any seller financing, working with a real estate lawyer is highly recommended. Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. can create the loan documents necessary to complete the transaction. This is much better than trying to create them yourself. By closing the transaction, Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. can provide guidance and assistance in every step of the process.

Lease Agreements

In Sea Girt, it is important to seek legal counsel prior to signing a lease agreement. Whether you are a property owner or the future tenant, Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. can draft or edit an agreement so that it is in your favor. There are specific clauses that go into a lease agreement that discuss how much is owed on a monthly basis including any potential NNN charges. Many tenants do not understand what NNN charges are or how they impact their total financial obligation. Whether or not they are included in the lease will directly impact the monthly and annual expenses of the tenants and the potential profits for a landlord.

How a lease is drafted will influence which party benefits from the agreement. For example, exit clauses can exist in order to benefit the tenant and rate increases may be included to benefit the landlord. At the Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C., our job is to protect the interest of our clients, and we do so by including provisions that address any potential concerns our clients have. To have your lease agreement reviewed or to have a lease template created, call (732) 449-0449 and speak with Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C..

Letters of Intent

In New Jersey, there are specific provisions that must be included in a letter of intent in order for it to be binding. While most parties enter into an LOI with the intent to close the transaction, some people use it as a method for keeping the property off of the market and never complete the transaction. This can cause financial harm to the seller and lead to litigation. At the Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C., we recommend that all LOIs are reviewed by a lawyer prior to signing them. This way Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. can ensure that they are enforceable in the event litigation is necessary.


As a real estate attorney, Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. works with clients throughout the 08750 area that have a dispute they want to litigate. There are many reasons why this may be necessary. For example, a seller may want to litigate after a buyer backed out of the deal, or a buyer may seek litigation if they feel the property condition was misrepresented during the negotiations. In other situations landlords and tenants may have a conflict over the interpretation of the lease agreement or partners may dispute how to dispose of the property. The list is endless and regardless why you have a dispute; Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. can help you to resolve it.

Prior to litigating, you may be able to solve some disputes through negotiations or mediation. This is a non-binding way to discuss grievances and present ways that a resolution can be reached. The negotiations can go back and forth, and if an agreement is reached, Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. can draft a contract that both parties can sign in order to make it binding. If no agreement is reached, you can proceed to litigation where the dispute will be resolved in court. It is important to work with a real estate attorney that will litigate since some only handle transactions outside of court.

Additional Practice Areas

As a real estate lawyer in New Jersey, Anthony J. Cafaro, P.C. can also assist you with zoning issues, permitting, and other issues related to construction real estate. This process can be extremely complicated with each county having different guidelines and real estate laws. For assistance call (732) 449-0449 and schedule a consultation.

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