What Can a Divorce Attorney in Sea Girt, NJ Help You Accomplish?

Though a divorce attorney is not necessary in New Jersey, having somebody there who is familiar with the law and the accompanying paperwork, a person who can remain emotionally detached during negotiations, and a lawyer who can propose solutions previously unconsidered is undeniably important.

Make no mistake, though a divorce attorney is not required – it definitely makes divorce a lot easier.

Division and separation of property and assets

One of the most complex components of the divorce process is the division and separation of assets. The possible assets that may be divided are the primary family home, bank accounts, stock options, financial investments, retirement accounts and other compensation packages, and other things of value such as stocks and bonds. Along the same lines, spouses not only share ownership of possible assets gained during the marriage but are also responsible for the debts accumulated over the years as well.

If any debt exists, it can be in the form of mortgages, credit card debt, unpaid taxes, and other similar monetary liabilities. The right divorce attorney will be able to help divide and separate all property and assets. The first step is identification – figuring out who can claim ownership over which items, which can be as simple or complicated as the couple decides.

The next step is valuation – assigning an amount to the assets and debts, which might require a formal appraisal to determine the value. A lawyer’s assistance through this process of figuring out who will eventually own which property cannot be understated.


For some relationships, a spouse may be entitled to alimony payments from the other. New Jersey courts have permitted these payments to maintain the standard of living that both spouses experienced throughout the marriage. If engaging in litigation over alimony, a divorce attorney can help create arguments for why these alimony payments are necessary for either spouse, depending on the respective situation.

In addition, sometimes these alimony payments must be modified when big life changes warrant either an increase or decrease in the amount.

Children: Custody and support

Finally, a divorce attorney can help custody arrangements. While joint custody may be the best option, a lawyer will be able to give the best advice on the full range of issues, such as one spouse relocating to another state, physical and legal custody, etc.

Similarly, a divorce attorney can assist in creating arguments for child support. Many factors impacting the amount and extent of child support payments exist, such as the child’s education, extracurricular activities, and who is the primary child caregiver. Though both parents are expected to support the child, the court focuses mostly on the best interests of the child when determining child support payments.

Like alimony, child support payments can also be modified depending on changing of bigger life circumstances, such as losing a job, increase or decrease in salary, etc. Either way, modification of such payments is a complicated process and an area that a divorce attorney can definitely be of assistance. Ultimately, consultation with a lawyer ensures the child’s best interests are upheld, especially if questions about legal custody become an issue.

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