Why a Municipal Court Lawyer is Your Best Resource

Many individuals are confused when " municipal court lawyer" is brought up.  What is the municipal court and what happens there?  This is a common reaction and we are here to inform you as to why a municipal court lawyer is essential and how they can help.  Most civilians do not enter a courtroom in their lifetime. However, if they do, it is typically with a municipal court lawyer.

Common Offenses

Some examples of the type of cases that are heard in municipal court in Sea Girt, New Jersey, are as follows:

  • Shop-lifting
  • Assault
  • Underage Drinking
  • Harassment
  • Municipal City/County Ordinance Violations
  • Truancy
  • Building and Land Construction Violations

Even though these types of cases are heard at the municipal court level, criminal convictions and arrests including vehicle violations, will show up on the defendant's criminal record and/or their motor vehicles history report.  


The repercussions to having arrests and convictions reported on your criminal and motor vehicle record can have serious consequences that many individuals do not realize, that is why having a municipal court lawyer is so important in order to minimize consequences.  A conviction could result in an increase in your insurance, may negatively affect your employment, and future violations will be treated more severely than the first. 

Additional consequences also include jail, professional licenses being revoked, and your driver's license may be revoked.  Making sure that you have a municipal court lawyer will ensure a better sentence and experience.  

Hire a Municipal Lawyer

Do not attempt to tell yourself that you can do this alone.  It is common for defendants to believe that a simple traffic ticket in municipal court can be handled without a municipal court lawyer.  This is a grave mistake and could result in more points on your driving record, a heavier sentence, even jail time. 

You not only risk a heavier sentence, but it is often more expensive to not have a municipal court lawyer.  Fees that could have been reduced are not because many defendants don't realize they can ask for that.

The purpose of your municipal court lawyer is to get the case dismissed or have the charges reduced and help you avoid a costly trial.  Your municipal court lawyer knows the process, the judges, and the other attorneys involved in the case.  You start out at a disadvantage, while your municipal court lawyer starts out with an advantage.

Do not pay more or have charges recorded on your record if you do not have to. Hiring a skilled and well-versed municipal court lawyer ensures a smooth process with minimal stress.

Some great questions to ask your municipal court lawyer when you first meet with them should include questions about their background, length of time practicing in municipal court, how many clients they are working with right now, how long the process is, and what you can do to help your lawyer. 

Being a cooperative and attentive partner to your municipal court lawyer will also help the whole process proceed without major roadblocks.  This is a two-way street, both of you need to work together on your behalf.

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NOTE: This Blog is for Informational Purposes Only and Does Not Constitute Legal Advice